Welcome to the project "Silent Music"!

Studio "Silent Music" was created by composer & guitarist Kirill Voljanin


     We promote musicians who play music of traditional and classical       genre.Today this genre can barely compete with pop music and needs permanent support of ours.

   We give modern and talented musicians an opportunity for discovering their talents and drifting apart from vague cheap tunes.

  We assist in recording and issuing printed music, organizing public performances, videotaping, photography sessions. It is also a good opportunity for making your contribution to culture and education of children.

    Studio is the result of joint creative efforts of people who have perceived the positive effect of playing living music.

   We invite to cooperation all of you, who have interest in “Silent Music” and hope that we can do much together!

 Yours sincerely, Kirill Volzhanin

    Studio releases an exclusive collection of CD «Silent Music" together with United Music Group records company. 

Contact: Director of project "Silent Music" - Aleksandr Ladygin 

e-mail: guitarconcert@yandex.ru

The exclusive collection «Silent Music"

Art projects

Kirill Voljanin

Guitarist, composer and producer

 Frauchi Guitar Quartet


   The quartet founded in 2012 with the support of Alexander Frauchi International Guitar Competition and Festival http://alexanderfrauchi.com/frauchi-2/?lang=en. All members of the group - talented, original musicians. Each of them is the winner of international competitions. The idea of ​​creating this group originates from a prominent Russian guitarist, Professor Alexander Frautschi. The legendary musician has created a quartet, in which he played with his best students. Their repertoire includes works of from the Baroque period to contemporary composers. In 2013 the quartet recorded album has recorded at Studio "Silent Music", which immediately became a collectible among fans of classical music. The recording took place in a specially designed room historic manor house in a historical place of Moscow, and was named symbolically - "Recognition"


Rovshan Mamedkuliev

  Laureate of Russian and international competitions. In 2012 Rovshan Mamedkuliyev won the one of the prestigious competitions for classical guitar - XXX International Competition GFA (Guitar Foundation of America) (Charleston, USA). In 2014, it will be recorded a solo album in the studio "Silent Music".

Boris Ulybyshev

  Peculiarity of this musician - guitar playing the manner guslyar. Boris writes music in various styles, at the same time not departing from and classics. In 2014, it will be recorded a solo album in the studio "Silent Music".


Russia's first guitar musical "Find Love and die!"

   Musical based on the story written by Konstantin Paustovsky "Creeks where plashy trout." Authors - Konstantin Kinst & Kirill Voljanin. It is a beautiful performance about the bright and tragic love against the backdrop of the War of 1812.

Now preparing a musical film with of sand animation, while he a musical are rehearsing and will play on one of Moscow scenes.

Audio version available on music.yandex.ru 


Duet "Russian Guitar"

    Vladimir Sumin & Vladimir Markushevich seven-stringed guitar playing on themes of popular folk songs and ballads, which are songs of the Russian soul. They offer the public a unique compositions with Russian of guitarists of the XIX century to the present.

                                      The Four Seasons’ program

 Sand-art (sand animation) is a fashionable contemporary art. It is breathtaking to see all movements of artist’s hands on a big screen, follow a gradually unfolding plan of the performance and surprising and unexpected plot twists. Nevertheless, the genuine beauty of this art can be revealed with a program and live music, which delivers a completeness into the performance. 
        Many composers, such as Antonio Vivaldi and Pyotr Tchaikovsky, appealed to a topic of seasons. Talented musicians felt a subtle interconnections between the nature and people. Indeed, people have always depended in some way on the mood of the heaven. Nature elements always have evoked melancholy, euphoria or daydreaming thus providing artists with an infinite source of inspiration. And even now, in the age of urbanism, heardwarming of the nature still attracts people, who have not lost a sense of true beauty. That is why nowadays art, that can melt our hearts, becomes more urgent than ever.
        ‘The Four Seasons’ is made for the rest of the soul, for a brief escape from this world to another one, that is always wonderful and attractive. During the concert you will be fascinated by the music and will not be able to take your eyes off the movements of sand. Original compositions by Kirill Volzhanin sound as if they have been specially created for these movements. A classical guitar in the hands of the author and the hands of the artist Lily Chistina will give you an unforgettable experience!